Two Superheroes Clone

The adventures of two malaysian superheroes clone


Since this blog has been given new life. Our first objective will be simple.

Rank no 1 in Google for the search term "Two Superheroes". We will be using some of the SEO techniques used by good old because that's our Tai Kah Ceh who is really the Malaysian Superwoman  in this field.

So far we are not even in the first page. There is one I think they got it wrong even in their name with the mispelling so I guess that's a plus for us in the long run.

Toosuperheroes - your days are numbered!

After we win and overtake the "original" Toosuperheroes, we will rename ourselves to Two Superheroes Clone

This will be a long term fignt. One that will end in our favour. After gaining the no. 1 Google spot, then we will try to beat the originals in Alexa and PageRanks.


Right after Entrecard labelled this blog as a scraper we immediately lost interest in posting.  4 months! Yeah you heard right. 4 months without a blog post.

Man, Entrecard is our Kryptonite. Stole our spirit to blog. Then again it's plain stupid to let Entrecard rob us of our strength. From today onwards, we'll start blogging again and fight evil startups like Entrecard that have no business deciding who are scrapers and who is not.

From this moment on, the Two Superheroes Clone blog will rise again...


Why Entrecard? Why?

Why am are we branded as entrecard scrapers?


Is it because we label ourselves as clones?


We assure you Entrecard, we are real. We don't scrape. Even though we call ourselves clones, all our content is original!

This is unfair! Please reinstate us!


Now we know what "No such user" on a EC means.  It means the EC police has deleted that particular user's account. Probably a scraper..

image Yahoo!! Alexa updated their rankings today. That is the original Alexa ranking.


This is ours:


So the clones have beaten the original Two superheroes in Alexa ranking. What's next?

Well we are still PR 0  and the originals are PR 3. Beating them in that department will be a little harder but not impossible :)


Overall it's quite a big jump considering our starting rank was 20+ million !!


We were trying to break our speed record for dropping entrecards in 20 minutes but right in the middle of things, the Entrecard server broke.

We sure hope it's not our fault. :)

The Two Superheroes clone were flying around the blogosphere and we thought it would be nice to strip LiewCF naked. No we don't mean the geeky LiewCF as a real person. We mean strip his website of ads because the Malaysian First Problogger clearly have lots of them. I guess you need lots of ads in order to be as successful in making online money.

We used FireFox Adblock plugin to "strip" LiewCF.





We prefer the naked version !!

I guess you can't see much difference in the screenshot but it's noticeable we have more reading area after the major ads were stripped out.

Also since we are on a learning expedition, it's good we don't get distracted by ads.


Recently the Two Superheroes Clone has been looking to buy some websites with PR.

Would you believe that there are certain domains that not only have one PR but multiple Page Ranks. You see some expired domains used to have subdomains that are active and have actual Page Rank. So if you buy for example, may also have a page rank.

Right now we are in the process of offering an owner of an expired domain that has PR3 but we found that there are several subdomains with PR2 in it. That's a great deal, if we sales go thru. :)

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